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The Family CFO and the Family Office Insurance Program

Family offices and Family CFOs are offering high-wealth family members a broad range of services through the Family Office, and an established set of insurance standards that provide a clear governance framework for decision-making is an example of this nextgeneration of Family CFO advisory services.

After the Documents are Executed

If you’re reading this, you are either exploring or are in the process of setting up a family office. You may have come to this place after being a member of a successful family business that has operated over the past two or three (or more) generations. The business itself may be enjoying great success or be experiencing a time of crisis.

From Family Business CFO to Family Office CFO

Last month, we discussed the “Hows and Whys” of a family office: when a decision has been made to create a family office and the legal paperwork has concluded. Now, we must address the “who” of a family office; leadership for the newly-formed entity.