i3 Founder Contributes to Business News Daily article on Small Business Financing Options Without a Traditional Bank

"In its simplest form, a borrower creates an account on a peer-to-peer website that keeps records, transfers funds and connects borrowers to lenders," said Kevin Heaton, CEO and founder of i3. "It's Match.com for money. A key difference is in borrower risk assessment."
Kevin Heaton of i3 contributes to BND

i3 Founder Kevin Heaton contributed to a recent article by Josh Stowers for Business News daily. Kevin’s section covers peer-to-peer funding.

The article summarizes:

  • Venture capitalists are startup company experts. They can provide massive funding, networking and professional guidance to launch your business rapidly.
  • Generally, angel investors don’t ask for any company shares or claim to be stakeholders of your business.
  • The SBA loan guarantee program serves as credit insurance and will cover up to 90% of any losses the bank incurs.

Starting your own company can be a daunting but rewarding process. While a great business plan is crucial for founders, financing is one of the most important elements a small business needs to succeed.

If your small business needs capital but doesn’t qualify for a traditional bank loan, there are several alternative financing methods and lenders that may meet your needs. Here are some of the top financing options for small businesses.

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