i3 Insights: After the Documents are Executed: The Hows and Whys of Creating a Family Office

The foundation of a single family office is a family’s desire to have access to information through multiple channels, they want an infrastructure that enables them to manage assets, philanthropic endeavors and administer the family’s lifestyle, and they want investment counsel and opportunities for both private assets and financial assets.
i3 Family Office and Family CFO Services
i3 Services, Kevin Heaton The Family CFO and the Family Office Insurance Program

The Family CFO and the Family Office Insurance Program

(This article by Kevin Heaton is reprinted by permission and originally appeared in the Insurance Research Letter, November 2019 issue.)

Leveraging the expertise of a Family Office and guidance of a Family CFO, high-wealth families can conduct the due diligence necessary to identify insurance coverage gaps before crisis occurs.

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Yes, I made Tony Dungy Laugh (and I have a picture to prove it)

I wanted to give you a short recap of an event I attended last month with a presentation by a celebrated man (who I made laugh) for a worthy organization.

I recently finished The Soul of a Team: A Modern-Day Fable for Winning Teamwork by Super Bowl–winning coach Tony Dungy and author Nathan Whitaker.

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i3 Insights – From Family Business CFO to Family Office CFO

When the time to create a family office arrives, many families settle for what, or who, they already know. High net-worth families and their businesses have complex structures and those complex structures are most often understood by either their current CPA or their CFO, but is that the best approach?

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