Whether your family already owns a significant portfolio of commercial real estate or is interested in building a portfolio, directly or through managed funds, i3 offers a platform that enables you to identify opportunities, analyze and underwrite performance and risk, acquire, manage, and in some cases, sell the asset(s).

About US

Beginning in 2007, i3 was one person providing Family CFO Services to families that held portfolios of private assets (operating companies and commercial real estate). Today, i3 has grown into a team of professionals who provide clients with access to relevant information to make informed decisions, the infrastructure (team and tools) to actively manage their assets and investment opportunities (directly or through managed funds) to (re)invest their capital. Commercial real estate represents the largest portion of our clients' funds.

Direct or Managed Funds (Partnerships)

Whether your family wants to invest directly into real estate or invest through partnerships (funds), i3 offers a structure that is compatible with your family's investment strategy.

1031 Exchange

Our teams works closely with family members and decision makers to manage the nuances of your 1031 Exchange process, including the identification, underwriting and selection of like kind assets.

Risk & Portfolio Management

Through analysis and diligence, our team can asses the risk associated with a real estate portfolio and present the risk to the responsible family members or decision makers as well as risk mitigation strategies. Our team can assume the management of a significant commercial real estate portfolio or provide services to support those responsible for its day to day management.

Family CFO Services

Through our Family CFO Services, we offer financial planning services which includes: financial modeling for private assets to project family cash flows, valuation of operating companies, business planning and strategy, and communication of information to family members.



Property & Asset management

  • Rent Rolls
  • Tenant Information
  • Lease Abstracting
  • Contact Information
  • Expirations & Renewals
  • Escalations & Budgets


Accounting Services

  • Budget Analysis
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Asset Performance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Bill Payment
  • Financial Forecasting


Market & Investment Research

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Economic Overview
  • Market Comparables
  • Sales & Rent Studies
  • Area Developments
  • Major Construction


Location & Development

  • Site Location
  • Subject Property
  • Surrounding Development
  • Walk & Drive Times
  • Traffic Counts
  • Demographic Density


i3 provides its clients with a spectrum of services to support their information, infrastructure and investment needs.


Through brokers, family offices, referral sources, direct market research, and other networks, our team identifies investment opportunities across the United States and across multiple asset platforms. Our team can search specifically for a target range of deal opportunities based upon a client's desires and can encompass a broad spectrum of filters that could include: assets of the same class, development potential, re-tenanting opportunity, demographic profile, etc.

Acquisition & Financing

Utilizing real estate acumen, a network of family offices, sellers’ agents, and long term relationships with multiple financial institutions, our team can manage every aspect of the acquisition process that includes but is not limited to: sourcing, opportunities, underwriting assets, structuring, and financing. Through the due diligence process, each decision is based on extensive fundamental analysis and accurate market research.

Development & Construction Management

Our ability to manage ground up development and construction is based on our attention to detail. Managing each step of the process includes preparation and tracking of budgets, engineering and design procedures, contract negotiations, oversight of general and sub-contractors, and overall project management.

Asset Management

Managing our client’s real estate assets requires oversight of property management, directing leasing strategy, investment oversight, and the ability to see the long-term value of the asset. Critical to the success of managing each asset is in-depth knowledge of property operations and systems coupled with a hands-on approach that ensures every asset’s performance is maximized.


Origination, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Investment Approval

Investment Process

Sourcing to Approval

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Preliminary Underwriting
  • Committee Review
  • Complete Due Diligence
  • Committee Approval

Investment Management

Financing to Disposition

  • Acquisition & Financing
  • Asset/Risk Management
  • Hold Period Review
  • Reporting & Marketing
  • Asset Disposition

Investment Options

Modes of Investment

  • Direct Investment
  • Pooled Funds
  • Co-Investment


Asset Classes

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Multi-Family
  • Hospitality

Our Team

The i3 team provides a unique combination of real estate, management, and investment knowledge that offers clients a tailored experience for their investment/management needs.




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